Make a Donation

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It's about making a difference." 

~Kathy Calvin


There are 3 main Donation types that Waiheke Toy Library accepts.
See below for more information.


Used Toys

New Toys



Not sure what to donate?

As a completely volunteer-run organisation, Waiheke Toy Library depends on the generosity of others to keep this service alive for families on Waiheke Island.

Donating money to Waiheke Toy Library is easy. We accept donations in cash, but mostly online banking.

Online banking instructions:

  • Go to your usual online banking platform and select the option to pay someone.

  • In the registered payee search bar, start typing 'Waiheke Island Toy Library Incorporated'.

  • Code: Donation

  • Ref: Your name

  • Particulars: [if relevant, what you would like the money to be used for]

Don't be a stranger! We would love to know how to get in touch with you so we can thank you. Send us an email if you have/plan to donate.


Used Toys

Want to see your Toys getting more use?

Please email us with photos if you have toys you would like to donate.

Much aroha (love) to those who consider us for toy donation. Please bear in mind that while we are a Toy Library and accept used toy donations, we are not an op shop.

This means you cannot leave your unused/unwanted toys by our storage container as our core operation is not about sorting through second hand goods.

Generally speaking, the toys/items we accept are:

  • In good condition with plenty of life left

  • Not soft toys or toys with lots of non-removable fabric on them

  • Fully functional with no major broken bits (missing pieces are okay, so long as the functionality is unaffected)


New Toys

Not sure what to donate?

See our gallery below of toys the Community would love to hire for their children and send us an email with which toy(s) you would like to donate!

It's up to you if you want to arrange the purchase and bring it in personally or if you would like to donate the money for us to purchase.

We will also request a photo of/with you and your name/business logo as we would love to you to our gallery of sponsors & supporters. But of course, we totally understand if you choose to keep your secret identity and would prefer to go by a superhero name of your choice. ;)